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Getting Started with Infusion Therapy

While each person’s journey can vary based on a variety of factors including treatment and insurance coverage, below is a general process for getting started as a patient new to infusion therapy. If you are already receiving infusion treatments or are a healthcare provider, use the buttons below to get information more specific to your needs.

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  1. Consult with Your Care Provider – At your next appointment, ask your provider if there are any infusion or injectable therapies that may help manage or improve your condition.

  2. Your Provider Writes a Prescription – If there is an infusion therapy treatment that you and your provider agree should be used, your provider will write a prescription for the medication and submit the order to Medix Infusion.

  3. Medix Reviews the Submission – We confirm your information, verify your benefits, and obtain the required insurance authorization for the prescription written.

  4. Medix Contacts You to Discuss the Plan – We contact you to review and finalize your treatment details.
    • Site of care Some treatments can be administered in your home and others must be provided at one
      of our infusion suites. Whether you can receive treatment at home will be dependent on the medication being given, your insurance coverage, and comfort level with the therapy.

    • Estimated out-of-pocket (OOP) total We will provide you with an estimated OOP cost, based on the information provided to us when verifying your benefits. You will be responsible for payment when you arrive for your appointment. If you are eligible to choose your site of care, we will provide you with the estimated OOP totals for both options and let you select the location.

    • Schedule appointment – We will schedule your treatment, review any preparation needed before arriving, and answer any questions you have.
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“If you have to get a needle stuck into you, this is definitely the place to go. Very comfortable with highly skilled and caring staff. Top notch!” – W.S., Medix Patient