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What is Infusion Therapy?

Infusion therapy is a broad term that encompasses fluids and medication being infused through an intravenous IV into a vein or injected subcutaneously with a short needle just below the skin. Infusion therapy is used in a variety of ways throughout different fields of medicine with applications including anesthesia, pain management, and the treatment of various infections and diseases.

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An IV infusion allows for a higher concentration of medication to enter the blood stream quickly circumventing absorption and metabolism issues when taken orally. IVs can be used when a patient is unable to take a medication orally or when they will require numerous medications and fluids, therefore eliminating the need for multiple needle sticks. 

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Subcutaneous injections are given when a medication needs to be used more slowly by the body. The short needle is inserted into the fatty tissue layer just below the skin. This layer of tissue has fewer blood vessels which slows the absorption of the medication. Insulin to treat diabetes is an example of a medication given subcutaneously.

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