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Want to learn more about infusion therapy? We have posted answers to our most frequently asked questions for patients and providers.
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Frequently Asked Questions for

Patients & Families

Upon arriving, you will be greeted by one of the Medix Infusion team members and escorted to your own room or chair where one of our friendly front-office staff will verify your insurance info, collect a co-pay if necessary, and verify that all of your information on file is complete and up-to-date. Once we are ready to begin your treatment the registered nurse will start with an assessment: checking your vitals, reviewing your current medications, and, if this is not your first appointment with us, noting any changes since your previous appointment. If you are a new patient, the registered nurse will provide important information about your infusion. Then, the registered nurse will start your IV, administer any premeds, and start the infusion of your medication. Your vitals will be checked throughout your infusion. After your infusion is complete, you will be given a saline flush and observed for 30 minutes. After your vitals are taken one more time and there are no complications or reactions, you will be discharged with verbal or written instructions. You will also be scheduled for your next infusion before you leave the infusion suite.

It depends on the treatment you are receiving and how well your body tolerates the medicine during the session. Most appointments require 1 to 2 hours. You can call or email us if you have any specific questions.

One of our expert and friendly nurse practitioners or registered nurses will administer your infusion treatment.

During your treatment, you can read, sleep, utilize our free Wi-Fi on your own device, or whatever makes you most comfortable. As always, don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to make your appointment more comfortable.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes. Some special considerations: avoid sleeves that are too tight that may restrict access to start your IV or the flow of your infusion. Also, if you have a mediport, it would be easiest if you wore a button-up shirt or a shirt with a lower neckline so we can easily access your port.

Yes! Please let us know if we can chill or heat your food for you before you enjoy it. We also have snacks and drinks available for you at each of our suite locations.

We understand the financial burden patients face when dealing with a chronic illness. Let us know about your concern and we will do everything we can to help you navigate the many financial assistance programs available to you. We have dedicated staff on our team that focus on assisting patients with their financial responsibilities and work hard to make sure we can help and advise you to help aid your peace of mind.

Please call us directly at 833.696.3349 and press 2, then press Option 5 to speak with someone directly in billing.

No! In fact, Medix Infusion takes a significant burden off of referring providers by coordinating with your insurance company. In this way, we are an extension of your providers office, allowing your physician or nurse practitioner to focus on what is most important: you and your health.

Frequently Asked Questions for

Professionals and Providers

We want to make it simple, so you have three easy choices –
1. Call 833.696.3349 and press 1 as a physician office or hospital and then Option 2
2. Fax 972.499.9210
3. Email
Please call us at 833.696.3349 and press 1 and then Option 1 again to reach our pharmacy directly.
Please call us at 833.696.3349 and press 1 followed by Option 3 to reach our Insurance Authorization department directly.
Once a referral to Medix has been made, patients are generally contacted within 2-3 business days to set up the infusion appointment. In general, appointments are scheduled 2-3 weeks out.